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My daughter is 13 years old and has been doing gymnastics since she was 4 years old.  When my husband and I started to notice the love and talent she had for the sport, we started to research and look for a gym that would meet hers and our needs.  That’s when we found Gym-Kinetics and we’ve been here ever since.  She quickly made D-Team and has gone on to competitive gymnastics.  The coaches at Gym-Kinetics continue to teach her new skills in order for her to move to the next level.  The coaches do not just look at where their gymnasts currently are, but also look to the future and where they are going.   The coaches put in a lot of hours to ensure the gymnasts are prepared properly for meets.  Gym-Kinetics teaches teamwork, self-confidence, time management and most of all high self-esteem.  The gymnasts enthusiastically support each other, laugh together and take pride in the achievements of their teammates.  Being a competitive gymnast takes a lot of hard work and perseverance and Gym-Kinetics helps foster this.  I believe they truly love what they do and make sure every gymnast gets the best coaching with lots of positive encouragement!!  If you are looking for a gym where your child can grow, learn and develop positive friendships, Gym-Kinetics is the place for you!
Bounatsos Family

I’ve been taking my daughter to Gym-Kinetics since she was 18 months old. We started with the “Mommy and me” class and look where she is today! At the age of 8, she will be competing at Level 5. This has been a wonderful experience for her. Not only has her physical abilities increased immensely, but her confidence and self-esteem. She has amazing coaches who instill a great work ethic and keep the passion alive for the sport. They also know how to infuse fun, warm and caring into the process all while challenger her to be her best. We have gyms closer to our home but couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!
 Janet Reis

Our daughter, Madeleine (better known as Maddog), has been at Gymkinetics since she was a two year old in the Mommy-and-Me Class. She is now a Level 9 gymnast, and has been on the team, from developmental to competitive, for over seven years. We have seen her grow tremendously, both as a gymnast and as a person, during that time, and we credit that growth not only to the program, but to her amazing coaches. It may be crazy-hectic sometimes, but our family cannot imagine life without "the gym" and the people we have come to know, trust, and love at Gymkinetics.

- the Grobmeier's

My daughter has been at the gym for a little over 6 years and is currently competing at level 6. She started in the recreational classes and was then asked to be part of the team. We chose Gym-kinetics due to location and have stayed there due their wonderful program and the excellent coaching staff. Although the goal for all of the team girls is to move to level 10, they are moved at a pace that is best suited for each of them individually. The coaches help build self esteem and confidence, promote team work and encourage the girls to do their best. They are very good role models and an important part of my daughter's life. I highly recommend Gym-kinetics to people I talk to outside of the gym and will continue to do so as my daughter's experience at the gym has been nothing but positive.
-Cheryl Weiss

We began our journey at Gym-Kinetics 7 years ago.  After our daughter showed interest in gymnastics, we signed her up for recreational classes at Gym-Kinetics, who we heard about through a friend.  The coaches are extremely good at seeing the potential of kids in the rec program and do not hesitate to advance them.  We have 4 daughters who started in the rec classes and quickly progressed through the various classes and today are competing at levels 6, 5 and two at level 4!  Having 4 daughters in the program, we’ve had the privilege of working with many of the coaches and every single one of them rock!  Not only are they knowledgeable in the sport of gymnastics but they have helped our girls to grow as children and as athletes.  The coaches are always encouraging them to do their own personal best.  Our girls enjoy being a part of a team and have developed some wonderful friendships along the way.  As parents, we too, have been able to come to know some wonderful families through the gym.
Thanks Gym-Kinetics!

-The Wilsons
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